Attitude towards God: (Given by Don Bosco)

  1. Remember that we have been created in order to love and serve God, our creator, and that all learning and wealth in this world amount to nothing without the fear of God on which our temporal and eternal welfare depends.
  2. Give glory to God for whatever learning you have, for He is the author of every good. Do not glory in any ability.
  3. Give yourself to the practice of virtue while you are young. The virtues to be cultivated most are modesty (purity), humility, obedience and kindness.
  4. By modest is meant a proper and decent manner of speaking and acting. This virtue is one of the best ornaments of your age.
  5. Avoid very kind of sin, but especially three evils should be particularly avoided:
  1. Taking the name of God in vain;
  2. Impurity in thought, word or deed;
  3. Stealing.

These evils draw God’s anger upon us. But if we keep these evils far away from us, God will never fail us with His blessings.

Attitude towards Teachers:

  1. Respect every teacher, whether of your own class or not. Be grateful towards those who taught you in the past. Show your teachers those exterior signs of reverence to which they are entitled, such as greeting them whenever you meet them.
  2. Be convinced that your teachers deeply feel their serious obligation of promoting your welfare in the best way they possibly can, and that in advising, commanding and correcting you, they have nothing else in view but your own good.
  3. After piety, study is the most praiseworthy in a student: Therefore, your first occupation must consist in doing the tasks assigned to you by your teachers.
  4. Always rise when your teachers enter the class and again when they leave. If they delay in coming, do not make any noise, but wait for them in your places in silence reviewing your lesson.
  5. During class avoid whispering or interrupting.

Attitude towards School-mates:

  1. Strive to edify your school-mates by your good example at all time. In fact, no sermon is more efficacious than good example.
  2. Never make fun of those who are backward in their studies or not so quick to grasp their lessons. Let there be no ridiculing of anyone account of any physical defect. What you laugh at or despise in othersmay some day befall you.
  3. Gladly help one another at recreation; learn to mix with everyone without prejudice or distinction. Let no one be slighted in any game, and let there be no selfishness. If there be any need to make a sacrifice for the sake of the team, let it be made cheerfully.
  4. When you are asked by a superior regarding the conduct of some of your companions, answer to the best of your knowledge especially when it a matter of preventing or remedying some evil To be silent would not be beneficial to your companion and would be offensive to God. Always avoid exaggerations, and speak truthfully.

Behaviour at School:

  1. Cleanliness and purity of soul are reflected by a clean and neat exterior.
  2. Keep your school and class rooms clean by allowing no paper or ink to fall anywhere.
  3. To write or draw on the black board (except when called upon to do so), to write offensive words, to soil walls, maps or anything else are things absolutely to be avoided.
  4. Take great care of your text-books, copy books and other belongings. Beware of appropriating your neighbour’s property even if it be the smallest thing. Should you find a lost article give it at once to the Headmaster.

Behaviour outside School:

  1. Always speak well and not ill of your school-mates, teachers or the management of the school.
  2. On your way to and from school you must behave in a gentlemanly manner.